Tux, the Linux mascot Linux engineer since 1999.

Currently reside in Cleveland, OH
Currently reside in Fort Lee, NJ
Currently reside in New York, NY
Currently reside in San Francisco, CA
Currently reside in Chicago, IL

My skills include (NOT a complete list):

I can:

  • design and build your CI / CD pipeline from scratch, or modify your existing setup: perhaps it needs an upgrade, a migration, or a total re-think?
  • design and build your cloud infrastructure on AWS or GCP, using infrastructure as code
  • migrate from datacenter(s) to cloud(s) and vice versa
  • dockerize your apps
  • instrument your apps for statistics and dashboards
  • create custom tooling (CLI apps)
  • create custom slack apps
  • train your team
  • much more!

contact me: val@polyakov.dev